Why Only Korean?

WhatSub Pro is now a renowned audio-visual subtitling company, but it only specializes in Korean whereas other companies handle multiple languages. When it’s so easy to research and find linguists of multiple languages through Internet, why do we only provide Korean translations?


The answer lies in the fact that I, the director of WhatSub Pro, am one of the best Korean AV translators and know good Korean translation when I see one. But at the same time, it also brings out the weakness of difficulty to find good translations of other languages because, simply, I just don’t understand those languages. Big subtitling companies often provide multiple language subtitles for one project, but I’m sure we all experienced that some of those languages have poor quality. It’s because those big companies are not able to filter out good translations from bad ones because they do not, or cannot have the best translators to filter them out for all the languages. If you handle 30 languages, you must have 30 best translators in 30 languages, but that’s just physically impossible.


So yes, we’ve decided to concentrate only on Korean translations to keep the best quality even though we know it will restrict us from getting bigger in the field. But we can, therefore, guarantee the best quality you will ever see in the world. I can only hope companies like us will arise gradually and unite together someday in the future. But until then, we will keep providing the best Korean subtitles in the world.